6 Tips for being consistent with your skincare routine

6 Dicas para conseguir ser consistente com a sua rotina de cuidados de pele

Like everything else in life: consistency is vital to achieving your goals with your skin. The results of skin care can be compared to nutrition and exercise: you can exercise and eat healthily every now and then, but if you don't do it consistently, you won't see or feel the desired results. The same applies to skin care! If you really want to see fewer blackheads or feel like your skin is generally hydrated, then you're going to have to work on it every day.

The problem is that with the lives we have today, that doesn't always seem possible! Managing the house, work, children, being with friends, family, dealing with the stresses that appear, or having leisure time, end up pushing certain care that we all know are good for us (hello gym) to the background !!

If you're going to spend money on skin care products, you might as well use them as they were meant to be used, to get the results you want! If you're having trouble maintaining a skin care routine, here's our top 6 tips that should help.


1 - Keep everything in one place

We recommend that you keep all your skin care items in one place, somewhere where they can easily call out to you. Keep all the products you use morning and night on a small tray, somewhere where you can see them. So you don't have to think too much or look too hard for anything, it's all there. Keeping them in a designated area in our bedroom or bathroom helps. The ideal place depends on you and your daily routine! But to create a new habit, the ideal thing is for it to be incorporated into the habits and routines you already have.


2 - Make your skin care products more inviting

This is one of the reasons why one of our selection criteria for products and brands is that our products must convey well-being, elegance and luxury. We want to help our customers to create natural and healthy beauty routines, but without giving up the pleasure of seeing a beautiful and well-composed cosmetics shelf, with luxurious products, well packaged and whose use is pleasant to the senses.


3 - Put a reminder on your phone

One of the tips shared by several behavioral science writers to help establish new habits is to use technology to our advantage. In other words, put a reminder on your phone for yourself when you're trying to establish a new routine. Motivation and memory tend to fail. The cell phone never fails (unless you forget to charge it). 

Try putting a reminder on your phone about an hour before bed, so you're more motivated to finish that Netflix series non-stop session everyone is watching before you're too tired to do anything else. don't be crawling to bed. Your skin will thank you!


4 - Have your extras on hand

There are little extras that take your skin care routine to a higher level of relaxation. Keep the little extras handy that can transform your routine and help yourself to create a Spa environment for those 5 or 10 minutes of your life.

We recommend A good hair band, which is wide, adjustable and comfortable, a hair elastic (because who wants to have their hair fall into their face while they are washing it), a few small towels (in Instead of rinsing your face with water, have you tried dampening a towel with hot water and removing your cleanser with it? Two words:s: dream!), and its reusable cotton pads, in case you use micellar water, or tonic and you don't like to apply it with your hands. Make it all more appealing by putting everything in its own basket!


5 - Commit to the basics

The ideal is to always follow the three steps in the morning and three steps at night that make up the basics of a skin care routine. Which are they? We unveil everything here, in ourSkin Care Guide.

But you don't think you can. So start by committing to the basics of the basics: put a morning sunscreen moisturizer, and don't go to bed without cleaning your skin well with askin cleansing oil or balm.


6 - If you are very tired, fool yourself!

If all else fails, then retreat to the ultimate behavior shaping weapon: fool yourself! Tell yourself, "Come on, I'm just going to take my makeup off and that's it." Once you're there, the serum and moisturizer may find their way to your skin. Since it's already there, it's not  Basically, it's trying to make this behavior so easy to do, that you can't say no. Usually this just means telling yourself that you are just taking the first step!so!


Committing to a skincare routine can feel like a hassle, especially after a long day or getting home super late, or with kids asking for your attention. However, staying true to your plan is not impossible. Just make it as easy as possible on yourself and remember that the best way to see the results you're looking for with your skin is through consistency.


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