How to adapt your skin care routine for autumn

Como adaptar a rotina de Cuidados de Pele para o Outono

The seasons, and especially the transition periods between seasons, tend to change the behavior of the skin. You may notice that you have more pimples on your skin, or that the skin becomes duller or even some dry and flaky areas.

How to take care of your skin in autumn?

Autumn is a transition season par excellence. With the days starting hot and ending up cold, periods of rain and wind alternating with sun and heat, this is the dull complexion season, when the skin becomes paler, loses firmness and dehydrates. When it is no longer "hidden" under the tan, its true nature and imperfections reappear: skin aging, dark spots, dryness, sagging, redness or, on the contrary, increased sebum production and blackheads.

The priority:

focus on good exfoliation twice a week , to revive the skin.

seek to improve the skin hydration to prevent dryness (or excess sebum production).

focus on use products that give luminosity the skin.

Maintain daily use of sunscreen , even on days when it seems like there is no sun (UV rays can pass through clouds!)


Routine Suggestions

Step 1


Try exchanging your usual cleaning product for aproduct that gives luminosity and life to duller skin.

Normal and Combination Skin: Renaissance Cleansing Gel Face Cleansing Gel from OSKIA

Dry skin: Organic Face Cleansing Oil-Gel by KJAER WEIS

Oily skin: Precleanse Make-up Remover Oil from DERMALOGY


Step 2


The skin becomes drier and more sensitive during autumn and winter. You might think that exfoliation would make dryness worse, but it's important to keep doing it - justdecrease the strength a little to avoid potential irritation as your skin's sensitivity changes.

Normal and Combination Skin: Exfoliating Face Mask With Prebiotics from GALLINEE

Dry skin: Face Scrub - Micro Exfoliating Balm from OSKIA

Oily skin: Glycolic Acid Exfoliating Bright Toner from EVOLVE


Step 3


Give your skin a boost of hydration and radiance with a good serum or face care oil, suitable for your skin type.

Normal and Combination Skin: Beauty Oil - The Beautiful Oil from KJAER WEIS

Dry skin: Face Oil Miracle Facial Oil givesEVOLVE

Oily skin: Active Clearing Retinol Oil Anti Imperfections from DERMALOGY


Step 4


A light moisturizer will have been enough for most skin types in the summer, but cooling temperatures and central heating inside are signs that you need to switch to a more consistent moisturizer.

Normal and Combination Skin: Brightening Day Cream - Manuka Honey Skin-Brightening Light of ANTIPODES

Dry skin: Daily Renew Face Moisturizer givesEVOLVE

Oily skin: UltraCalming Barrier Repair Moisturizer from DERMALOGY


Step 5


Don't be fooled by the cold and clouds! Even though summer has passed, UV rays don't take a vacation and continue to pass through clouds and bad weather, and do damage to your skin.

Normal and Combination Skin: PowerBright Pure Light SPF50 Anti-Stain Sunscreen givesDERMALOGY

Dry skin: Age Smart Moisturizer Dynamic Skin Recovery SPF 50 givesDERMALOGY

Oily skin: Clear Start Clearing Defense Mattifying Sunscreen SPF 30 from DERMALOGY


To take care of your skin all year round, you must adapt your routine to climate change and pay attention to "skin signs" to adapt your skincare products to your skin's changing needs and concerns.

For a personalized skin care routine suggestion, try ourskin care routine recommendation form!


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