Meet the brand of the month of June: NUORI

Conheça a marca do Mês de Junho: NUORI

Did you know that most conventional skin care products are formulated to last at least 2.5 years?

Over the years, long shelf life has become the standard in the cosmetics industry, and a great deal of research and development is still devoted to increasing product stability.

But even with the help of new preservatives and additives, the active ingredients are unstable in cosmetic formulations and begin to lose their beneficial properties after a few months.

Nuori is a Nordic skin care brand, which set out to challenge the current industry standard regarding shelf life, efficacy and purity.


"NUORI was born from the ambition to bring the ideal of freshness to the skin. This ambition sets the bar for all aspects of our concept".
Jasmi Bonnén, founder of Nuori


What makes Nuori products special: The Date of Freshness

Prepared in small batches every 10-12 weeks in Denmark, Nuori offers a unique life cycle to ensure each product delivers maximum results.

Use start date

Nuori recommends that consumers start using her products within 13 weeks of preparation. This date is carefully calculated so that the consumer has time to benefit from the full concentration and effectiveness of the ingredients found in their favorite NUORI products. The start of use date can always be found stamped on the front of our outer packaging.

Expiration date

NUORI's natural formulas remain potent and stable for 6 months after preparation. After this date, the product must be replaced with a new one. The Expiration Date can be found stamped on the bottom of packages or on the top edge of their containers.


What does it mean to you?

100% Purity

The products are kept truly pure and highly potent, as no synthetic preservatives or other additives are needed to artificially prolong the stability and shelf life of the products.

100% Effectiveness

The effectiveness of any formula is greater as the active ingredients are not weakened by time-related degradation.


"Fresh skin care makes sense in the same way as fresh food - it's more nutritious and has fewer additives".
Jasmi Bonnén


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