Meet the March 2019 Brand of the Month: Less is More Organic Haircare

Conheça a Marca do Mês de Março 2019: Less is More Organic Haircare
Less is More is a shampoo and hair care brand created in 2005 in Vienna. The brand is a mix between aromatherapy, biomimetics and design.

Less is More professional products combine natural active ingredients with organic essential oils to increase efficiency and well-being.


After successfully working as an art director and trainer at a famous international hairdressing chain, Hannes Trummer opened a small and ambitious hairdressing salon in the center of Vienna in 2005. 

His experience helped him to understand that it is important to cut things down to the essentials. Thus, the opening of his salon embodied his concept of "Less is more". The salon itself is an expression of his minimalist vision, where clients and their reflections are the only elements that contrast with the pure white.

The meeting of Hannes Trummer and Doris Brandhuber, a chemist and yoga practitioner, marked a new step in the evolution of the Less is More concept.

As a chemist, she is very sensitive to the composition of modern cosmetics. After examining the health and environmental impact of traditional hairstyling products, the couple decided to no longer expose consumers to these risks.

The chemist and environmental consultant turned down a Yale scholarship to dedicate herself completely to developing a new line of organic hair care products. The luxury brand of organic hair products and shampoos Less is More was born.

Brand Philosophy

Less is More combines functionality and simplicity, beauty and health, ethical commitment, respect for the environment and aesthetic requirements.

The innovative formulas of the Less is More line exclusively contain natural ingredients carefully selected for their efficiency, purity, environmental sustainability and gentleness on the skin.

Obtained from renewable natural resources and certified organic whenever possible, they are fully and quickly biodegradable.

The specific use of 100% pure essential oils optimizes the potency of the professional products of the Less is More line and provides aromatherapy benefits, combining well-being, pleasure and efficiency in the care of the hair.

Optimal performance, consumer well-being and respect for the environment are part of the requirements and results provided by Less is More shampoo and hair care products.

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