Get the Look - Classic and Sophisticated

Get the Look - Clássica e Sofisticada
Recreate this simple, classic and sophisticated look in just a few minutes with natural makeup from British brand Lily Lolo.


Start by applying the Loose Powder Eyeshadow in Miami Taupe tone on the eyelid and crease of the eye, blending the color well. Then apply the Eyeshadow in Compact Powder in the Ivory Tower shade below the eyebrow and c in the inner corner of the eye to brighten it up. Also blend the color so that there is no line between the two tones. Then, apply the Eyeshadow Powder Compact in the shade I Should Cocoa, to outline the lower part of the eye, and create definition. Mix some of the Loose Powder Eyeshadow in Wichypoo Tom with the Makeup Fixer Spray to create a liquid eyeliner and outline the upper lash line, taking the opportunity to lengthen the outer corner of the eye for a sophisticated and soft feline look. Finish with two layers of the Lily Lolo Eyelash Mask.


Apply Bronzer Compact Powder in Honolulu shade under the cheekbones to create a defined look, and finish with a touch of Illuminator in Loose Powder to give a more radiant and healthy look to the skin.


To complete the look, apply a layer of Lipstick in Desire shade on the lips. Blend off the excess with a sheet of paper and then apply a final layer of lipstick for a longer-lasting look.

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