Anti-Pollution Skin Care Routine

Rotina de Cuidados de Pele Anti-Poluição

Did you know that 92% of the world's population lives in cities where pollution levels are higher than those recommended by the World Health Organization? Pollution causes a lot of damage to our health, including medium to long term damage to our largest organ: our skin.

City life can be fantastic, but it constantly exposes us to levels of air pollution. From the moment we wake up, on the way to work, exercising on the street or sitting on a terrace, to the air conditioning and heating in the offices and cleaning products used not only at home, but in the public places we frequent. Our skin is always exposed to all these factors, and is subject to damage caused by pollution both indoors and outdoors.

How does pollution affect the skin?

The mixture of Ozone, Heavy materials, various particles that circulate in the air can cause great damage to our skin. Free radicals, caused by pollution, attack the skin's own cells and antioxidants. Various particles and heavy metals can cause problems on the surface of the skin or penetrate through the pores, leading to deeper damage:

  • Cell and DNA damage
  • Collagen breakdown
  • Increase of fine lines and small wrinkles
  • Loss of elasticity and lack of shine
  • Rupture of the lipid barrier
  • Abnormal sensitivity
  • Increased inflammation
  • Hyperpigmentation and dark spots

Skin care to fight pollution

Oskia's new CityLife range took years to think and produce, and it will change the way your skin care works and how your face feels every day. We have 4 products designed for the various steps of your skin care routine to help you relax, detoxify and protect your skin from the effects of pollution.

City Life Cleaning Concentrate

A gentle cleansing foam that has a unique texture that feels deeply nourishing while cleansing the skin. The purpose of this concentrated cleansing gel is to balance the skin's pH while removing dirt, make-up and pollutants and detoxifying pores. With lavender, eucalyptus and vitamin B5, this product leaves skin soft and smooth. If your skin is oily or has acne, then it's good to know that Oskia has once again incorporated MSM into this product, helping to detoxify and reduce inflammation in the cells.

City Life Anti-Pollution Spray Toner

An essential product for day and night - with a gentle nature scent, it's super refreshing and you'll need a lot of restraint so you don't constantly spray it on your skin. It is moisturizing, refreshing and prevents the absorption of free radicals and pollution throughout the day. The spray is lightweight and absorbs well without leaving a film, and is packed with vitamins to keep your skin happy and well-groomed all day long.

I-Zone City Life Lip & Eye Balm

Once again, this is a product that protects from pollution while nourishing and hydrating tired and dehydrated skin. The balm contains retinol to reduce lines and sun damage, avocado oil to protect delicate skin areas, and vitamin E to boost antioxidants when applied. It has a thick consistency that, when heated, melts into a beautiful oily balm. It's great to apply at night, to wake up in the morning with soft, glowing eyes!

City Life Anti-Pollution Detox Mask

A nourishing face mask formulated with 100% natural ingredients. Each pack contains 4 sachets and each is for one use. The mask has two phases, a powder and a liquid that are mixed inside the sachet itself before use.Utilizing the most advanced skin care technologies, the dual-phase treatment helps form a defensive barrier against toxins and free radicals, creating a brighter, calmer complexion.

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