Weleda natural skincare was founded in Switzerland in 1921 by a Dutch doctor Ita Wegman and the renowned philosopher Rudolf Steiner. Weleda's goal is to help everyone, old and young, restore health and maintain well-being through the use of organic skin care.

Weleda is committed to doing it in a natural, ethical, safe way, without animal experiments and without harming the environment. This is deeply rooted in every aspect of Weleda's natural skin care. Weleda made the decision from the beginning to avoid artificial ingredients and use only materials from the natural and organic world.

By using essential oils in natural body care products for their preservative properties, Weleda avoids the need to use artificial preservatives such as parabens.

Many of Weleda's body care products carry the BDIH (Certified Natural Cosmetic) mark so you can say the product is genuinely natural. We love the daily effectiveness of these natural products.

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