Shipping and Returns


The shipment of products purchased at The Green Beauty Concept is carried out through CTT - Correios de Portugal.

You will receive an email confirming your order at the time it is placed, and another on the day it is shipped. Deliveries are not made upon collection. Orders will only be shipped after payment has been made.

Orders are prepared from Monday to Friday, up to three business days after payment is processed. Attention: in periods of high sales volume, sales and holidays, the order preparation period may extend. Delivery time varies depending on the location, according to the CTT delivery time table.

If you are not at the indicated address at the time of delivery, the order will remain at the CTT station in the respective area of ​​the address, for 5 working days. After this period, the order is returned to The Green Beauty Concept and is considered as canceled - excluding the initial postage value. If you want your order to be resent, you must contact The Green Beauty Concept to arrange a new shipment (subject to a new postage payment), or the return of the amount paid for the products - excluding the value of the initial ports.

If the order is returned to The Green Beauty Concept due to an error in the recipient's address, attributable to the Customer, it will only be sent again with the Customer providing the correct address (by e-mail). mail to and after a new payment of the postage amount.
If the error is attributable to The Green Beauty Concept, the order will be reshipped free of charge to the Customer, or, in In case of cancellation, the total amount will be refunded (postage included).


Mainland Portugal: CTT Pickup Point

  • 0.0 kg – 1.0 kg: €4.80 CTT Expresso
  • 1.0 kg – 5.0 kg: €5.50 CTT Expresso
  • 5.0 kg – 10.0 kg: €6.94 CTT Expresso 
  • Free Shipping for orders from €40.00

Mainland Portugal: CTT Expresso

  • 0.0 kg – 1.0 kg: €4.80 CTT Expresso
  • 1.0 kg – 5.0 kg: €5.50 CTT Expresso
  • 5.0 kg – 20.0 kg: €6.94 CTT Expresso 
  • 20.0 kg – 30.0 kg: €7.81 CTT Expresso 
  • Free Shipping for orders from €40.00

Portugal Islands: CTT Expresso

  • 0 kg – 1.0 kg: €11.95
  • 1.0 kg – 5.0 kg: €24 
  • 5.0 kg – 10.0 kg: €32
  • Free Shipping for orders up to 2 kg, from €100.00

    European Union: EU International Shipping - Tracked (CTT)

    • 0.0 kg – 2.0 kg: €20.85
    • 2.0 kg – 5.0 kg: €35.00
    • Free Shipping for orders from €250.00

    Rest of the World: International Registered Mail (CTT)

    • 0.0 kg – 2.0 kg: €71.16
    • Free Shipping for orders from €400.00

    Shipping to Brazil: The Brazilian Federal Government requires all customers to pay a processing fee before any international order can be released in Brazil. Customers will receive notification by mail or, alternatively, payment can be made directly at It is the customer's responsibility to pay all fees.


    International shipping does not include taxes and fees. Customers are responsible for any customs fees, duties or taxes that may apply to delivery, as well as the process of clearing the order. We advise international customers to confirm/calculate applicable taxes and fees before placing an order.



    Order cancellation

    At the User's request

    The User may cancel his order within 24 hours, by accessing the customer area of ​​The Green Beauty Concept website, or by sending an e-mail referring the order number, which will be accepted as long as it is has not yet been processed After processing, The Green Beauty Concept will attempt to deliver it, but the User has the option of not accepting it.
    For the purpose of cancellation, the User must provide the following data:a) Order number
    b) NIF with which you placed the order and delivery address

    By decision The Green Beauty Concept

    The Green Beauty Concept reserves the right not to process orders when there is any inconsistency in the personal data presented or when there is misconduct on the part of the buyer. The Green Beauty Concept reserves the right not to process any order or refund, in the event of errors in the values ​​and/or characteristics of the products, when these arise from technical problems or errors of others.


    Order return (Right of Withdrawal)

    The User may exercise the right of withdrawal without requiring any compensation, within 14 (fourteen) days from the day on which the consumer acquires physical possession of the good.
    To exercise this right, the User must contact The Green Beauty Concept by email, indicating all his identification data, the product he intends to return or exchange and the date of purchase.
    The consumer must return The Green Beauty Concept goods under the proper conditions of use, within 14 (fourteen) days from the date of communication of the resolution.
    The product cannot be used, and the package must be returned unopened, as it was delivered and accompanied by all the documentation received, namely the following documents: sales invoice and the document proving receipt of the product. The packaging and documents indicated must be sent to the address indicated by The Green Beauty Concept, in response to the return request. The respective shipping costs are the responsibility of the User.

    Upon receipt of the products and confirmation of their good condition, the amount corresponding to the amount paid for the order (sales invoice value) will be returned to the User. If you have used a promotional discount code, this amount will not be refunded, that is, the refund will only be for the amount actually paid, excluding the amount that has been paid for shipping costs. If a free gift was included, it must be returned with your item or the value of the gift will be deducted from the refund.

    The method of refunding the amount to be returned depends on the payment method used for the respective order. In the case of credit card and PayPal payments, these are credited to the respective accounts. In the case of payments by ATM, MBWay or Bank Transfer, the refund is made in the form of a voucher, to be used in orders at The Green Beauty Concept. The refund is made up to 14 days after receipt of the free will and the receipt of the return of the good. If a refund is issued, an administrative fee may apply due to the cost or processing of refunds with banks.

    In the absence of any of the components of the item sold or, if any of them is not in excellent condition, there will be no refund of the price.