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our concept

The Green Beauty Concept was created based on the desire to curate brands and beauty products that are different, sustainable and effective, transparently and with expert, friendly and personalized advice, through an innovative, inspiring and easy-to-navigate online store.

Our mission is to give all women access to alternative beauty: more sustainable, more transparent, more specialized and more inspiring.

For us, “Green Beauty” is therefore a state of mind, which cannot be reduced to a simple formula or concept. Above all, it is a search for balance and well-being, a compromise that is not always as simple as we would like, between effectiveness, safety and eco-responsibility.

Our history

Born in 2017, our online store started as a family business in part-time, with a space from home. With the growth of the store, we were able to start expanding and dedicating more time and space to this project. Nowadays, our company already works at full-time, from a dedicated office in Faro.

We are currently a micro-company representing three brands:

The Green Beauty Concept - alternative beauty products online store

The Green Baby Concept - online store of products for babies and mothers

Green Beauty Supply - representation and distribution of cosmetics to other stores and business

our values

We believe that consumers should be 100% informed about the products they buy, at various levels. Not only what are the ingredients and what the packaging is made of, but what is the philosophy of the brands it uses, what are their production values, their work ethic and their social responsibility.

That's why we work with brands that have a transparent attitude about their ways of producing and obtaining raw materials or finished products. Who defend environmentally conscious and committed practices and express the pursuit of ethical standards regarding the payment of their employees and partners.

In addition, since the creation of our store, we have always published as much information as possible about ingredients, packaging, our partner companies and certifications, to give the consumer as much information as possible in their choice.

We believe that sustainable beauty has to go beyond words like "organic", "ecological" and "natural"; These words are actually not regulated and therefore can be used empty and without context. The secret to sustainable beauty lies in actions and not words. And it all starts with your routine. Some actions can be small - don't buy a new moisturizer until you've used up the one you have. Some are large - look for biodegradable or recyclable packaging, or avoid plastic packaging altogether. And some actions, of course, do not depend on you, but on the beauty companies - it will be possible to formulate and package beauty products that are genuinely skin-friendly and environmentally friendly, without compromising product effectiveness and luxury and, of course, the economic sustainability of the companies. involved in its production and distribution?

At The Green Beauty Concept we seek to select products and brands that are in harmony with the planet. We avoid marketing through exaggeration and excess. We defend the concept of slow beauty, so that you buy only what you will actually use and avoid waste.

We not only choose to work with brands and companies that have policies with ethical principles of respect and care for nature and who try to undertake ways to minimize their potential negative footprint, but we also implement ways to manage our own operation and our company in a sustainable and respectful way with the environment.

We look for partnerships with original brands and alternatives to those that are easily found in large online stores or large supermarkets. We prefer to work with independent companies not linked to large corporations or pharmaceuticals.

We work mostly with independent brands, which are often small companies, with a family atmosphere, with small production. The creators of the brands we work with are hardworking entrepreneurs, who create natural products of excellence, without compromising their effectiveness and integrity.

We believe that skin and body care is not a cost, but an investment what we do in ourselves, not only physically, but also emotionally.

We seek to share information in our store and communication channels that promote wellness rituals and a healthy lifestyle.

We do not believe in fear-based communication, nor in creating anxiety with "routines" and "needs", which are not, and should not be, the goal of creating beauty and health rituals.

How do we choose brands and products?

Bearing in mind that not everything that is natural is necessarily good and not everything that is synthetic is necessarily bad, we try to find the balance, to provide better options for a beauty routine that is the best of science associated with nature, in a way that sustainable, healthy and luxurious.

We do not demonize ingredients, nor do we have "blacklists" but we do avoid controversial ingredients, to give you peace of mind and as a precautionary measure. Far be it from us to label them as dangerous to health, but we consider it prudent to temporarily exclude them.

We invest in the transparency of information in our store , so you can make your own choice, and possibly apply a principle of prudence different from ours: we offer you a wide range of cosmeceutical brands (which combine the best of science and nature), natural brands and certified organic brands, and we answer all your questions, in store or through the

Our philosophy is based on maximizing what is good for the skin and minimizing everything that might be more superfluous.

We avoid "empty" formulas, we locate the superfluous and the useless, we focus on the active ingredients and analyze a composition as a whole, to assess the added value of a product and to justify its price.

In Portugal we are protected by European legislation, the strictest in the world and all cosmetics sold in Portugal are safe for you and your skin.

All products in our store are duly legalized. That is, they are duly registered in their respective countries and in the EU, and are subject to a mandatory scientific and technical evaluation for marketing in Portugal and the EU, to ensure that they are safe to use.

The products are properly preserved (which means that not all are 100% natural). It should be noted that a product that contains water in its formula must be preserved with a chemical preservative, otherwise it would be subject to the rapid development of microorganisms, not being safe (nor legal) to be used.

We do not work with "homemade" brands that are not legalized and whose products and formulas are not subjected to mandatory safety tests.

A criterion that we do not give up is that our products must convey well-being, elegance and luxury. We want to help our customers to create natural and healthy beauty routines, but without giving up the pleasure of seeing a beautiful and well-composed cosmetics shelf, with luxurious products, well packaged and whose use is pleasant to the senses.

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