5 Reasons to Love Your Oily Skin (and Routine Suggestion)!

5 Razões para adorar a sua pele oleosa (e sugestão de rotina)!

People with oily skin often complain about their "shiny" appearance, or how difficult it is to control and care for their skin. And we definitely get it - because, let's be honest, having oily skin feels like a headache. But did you know that there are really many benefits for people with oily skin?

5 reasons to love your oily skin:

1. Softer and voluminous skin

First of all, oily skin is softer than dry or normal skin. The overactive sebaceous glands found in more oily skin types are the reason behind this; they are overcompensating for their oil production. That's why wrinkles are smaller and shallower in the areas of the face where the sebaceous glands are producing excess oil: the abundance of oil is actually what makes your skin stronger and more elastic.

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2. Youthful appearance

While you might think your skin looks too oily or even "dirty", your skin looks luminous and youthful to most people. With the right skin care regimen, your skin will have a vibrant glow. Most people are trying to "get rid" of their oily skin by using harsh products that dry the skin cells of all the oil - but doing so will cause your skin's sebum to produce even more oil.

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3. A shorter beauty routine

Oily skin requires less skin care products. As your skin is already "overcompensating", all it takes is a gentle cleansing routine, a light moisturizer and good sun protection. This will save you money and take less time to do your beauty routine. It's also easier to apply make-up on oily skin, as the oils produced by the skin provide a great surface for make-up.

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4. More balanced skin

Oily skin types generally have an easier time balancing their pH than normal skin types. The oil that is naturally produced by your own skin contains oleic acid, which protects your skin from bacteria and infections. Oily skin offers better protection because it has a thicker layer of oleic acid compared to normal or dry skin types.

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5. Sun protection

The oil that is produced by your own skin contains vitamin E. This is a natural sunscreen that contains many antioxidants. This doesn't mean you no longer need to protect your skin with sunscreen, but it does mean having oilier skin gives you an extra layer of protection from harmful UV rays. Another fun fact about the sun: the more oily your skin, the faster you tan¹. The amount of sebum produced has a huge impact on the tanning process, and will also help to preserve the tan for longer.

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