Skin Care Guides

Healthy and beautiful skin is possible through a consistent daily routine, which takes just a few minutes.

The daily care we take with our skin helps not only to keep it clean and hydrated, but also to preserve beautiful, healthy and luminous skin for longer.

We are committed to helping you find the perfect beauty routine and adopt good skin care habits that will help you achieve your dream skin.

The 4 Steps of Skin Care

At The Green Beauty Concept we advocate that a Skin Care Routine has four steps:

1 - Cleaning, 2 - Treatment, 3 - Hydration, 4 - Protection .

Cleaning, Hydration and Protection are essential and should be chosen according to your skin type.

Treatment is optional and should be chosen depending on the skin concerns you are looking to address.


Os cuidados essenciais

Uma rotina de cuidados de pele não que ser super complicada, nem ter 10 passos!
Se está a começar a criar o seu ritual de beleza, ou se acredita que não tem tempo ou paciência para uma rotina com vários passos, comece de forma simples.
Comece por criar uma rotina de cuidados de pele minimalista, apenas com os 3 etapas indispensáveis:

Cleansing the skin is one of the most important steps in the daily routine, and it is also one of the most ignored by many people. There are many different types of skin cleansers to suit all tastes: oil, balm, cream, foam, gel and bi-phase. Depending on the type of cleaning you want to do, the type of skin, and personal preference, the type of product may vary.

Face cleaning should be done in the morning and at night.

🌄Morning : Wash your face preferably with a cream, foam or cleansing gel, suitable for your skin type.

🌌 Night : Ideally, you should do a double cleaning of the skin. That is, clean first with an oil-based product, to remove make-up, sunscreen, traces of pollution and sebum. Then wash your face with a water-based product to leave your skin and pores clean and free of impurities. Learn more about double cleaning here.

Moisturizer is an essential in all routines, for any skin type (even oily skin!). Leaving the house without moisturizer is the same as walking outside without a coat on a very cold and windy day. Your skin will be subject to aggression, without any type of protection. On the other hand, going to bed without applying moisturizer forces your skin to overwork to stay hydrated and doesn't take advantage of the skin's regenerating potential overnight.

The ideal is to use a moisturizer for the day and one for the night, because the needs of the skin are different. But you can choose a more generic moisturizer, suitable for your skin type, that can be used in the morning and at bedtime.

If you choose to differentiate:

🌄 Morning: You can opt for a moisturizer that also has sun protection, thus saving you an extra step in the morning (Dermalogica sunscreens are very good for this purpose), just making sure you use an adequate amount. Alternatively, you may prefer to use a basic moisturizer, suitable for your skin type, and apply sunscreen afterwards.

🌌 Night: During the night the skin regenerates and undergoes a self-cleaning process. Moisturizers formulated specifically for night use have active ingredients that help the skin in this process of regeneration and recovery.

If you prefer to use only one moisturizer at both times:

🌄🌌 Morning and Night: Choose a simple moisturizer, suitable for your skin type, without sunscreen or active ingredients for night use (for example, retinol and its derivatives should only be used at night).

This is one of the essential steps of a beauty routine, most ignored, and most needed. Sunscreen is not just for use when you go to the beach, not just in summer! Must be used every day, even on overcast or winter days !

Sunscreen is your protective armor, which will give you greater long-term results. If used consistently, it will protect your skin from premature aging, wrinkles, uneven texture and skin blemishes, and can save you a lot of money down the road on skin treatments for concerns that could have been avoided with regular use of sunscreen.

Os cuidados específicos

Depois de criar a sua rotina básica, com os 3 passos essenciais, avalie a sua pele e veja se há ainda algo que gostasse de corrigir ou alguma preocupação que gostaria de tratar.
Tem acne ou borbulhas? A pele tem uma textura irregular? Vê sinais de envelhecimento precoce, como pequenas linhas ou rugas na pele? Tem manchas ou cicatrizes?
Algumas destas preocupações só são possíveis de tratar com produtos direccionados, concentrados em ingredientes activos, que vão atuar mais profundamente na pele.

Whatever your skin type, exfoliation will give your complexion a boost and allow you to say goodbye to dead skin cells , unclog pores , help fade blemishes and scars and reveal glowing, glowing skin. .

There are exfoliants with different properties and textures, from the classic physical exfoliator , which has abrasive particles that will polish the most superficial layer of the skin, to chemical exfoliants , which can be in the form of a tonic or mask and will break the bond between the your skin's live cells and dead cells, making them easier to remove.

Exfoliation should be done after cleansing and before any other product that wants to be absorbed by the skin. By using the exfoliator, you are increasing the absorption capacity of your skin.

The tonic is an extra gesture in your self-care ritual, which elevates your routine and enhances the use of other products.

Wrongly regarded as an aqueous product that only serves to "close the pores" and "balance the pH", which are both wrong notions, toner has been revolutionized and has been gaining prominence in recent years.

Here at The Green Beauty Concept, we only offer a toner if it has hydrating, purifying, soothing or anti-aging active qualities.

To ensure maximum benefit, toner should be applied after your morning and evening cleansing routine (or just when you feel your skin is being a little troublesome).

Spray toners can also be used whenever you feel like it throughout the day. Some of these work well as makeup fixing sprays.

Using a mask is a bonus. It's the icing on the skin care routine cake. But it is an effective way to treat the skin problems you need to target, without wasting too much time .

You don't need to use it every day, once or twice a week is enough. The duration you should do depends on each mask - some work in 5 minutes, others need 15, and some don't even need to be removed.

There are masks for virtually every skin concern: dryness and dehydration, shine and enlarged pores, acne and pimples, signs of premature aging, firmness , and much more.

You can choose to have a catalog of masks available, and apply depending on the state of your skin that week, or just have the most regular options and do a weekly preventive multi-masking routine.

This is the first area of the face to show signs of fatigue and/or premature skin aging .

The skin around the eyes is fragile and delicate, it has a thinner surface layer than the rest of the face and products penetrate this area more easily. On the other hand, as it is a more sensitive area , and due to its proximity to the eyes, it is advisable to use products suitable for this area so as not to sensitize the skin and eyes even more.

Once again, to choose the right product, you have to think about your main concern first. Is it the dark circles that bother you the most? The swelling? Or are you looking for a product with anti-fatigue and illuminating action? Feel a lack of hydration or an increase in the appearance of wrinkles

Depending on your concern, you will find a more suitable cream. As with serums, you can do different treatments in the morning and at night: you can use an illuminating, anti-fatigue and anti-dark circle eye cream in the morning and an anti-aging treatment at night.

The serum is a true concentrate of active principles , which, due to its texture and formula, has the ability to penetrate deeply to provide all its benefits: to remedy dehydration, treat skin imperfections or aging, skin blemishes , among others. . It's our secret weapon, to be applied daily morning and night.

How to choose your serum?

1st - Identify exactly what you want to improve in your skin: Is your complexion dull? Got little pimples? Are you chronically dehydrated? A lack of firmness or wrinkles that are starting to set in?

2 - Choice of texture: oily or watery? Mature or dry skin will prefer the first option, while dehydrated skin combined with oily will prefer a watery consistency, which is more quickly absorbed.

A face oil makes use of the natural benefits of vegetable oils. Rich in fatty acids, the oils can be used as serums or can act as a barrier for all skin types . They have a superior absorption capacity due to their ability to enter the intercellular 'space' and help the skin retain water and protect it from external aggressions.

Contrary to what many people think, combination or oily skin can and should use a face oil. Especially if you use a vegetable oil that has the ability to regulate sebum production.

The level of absorption depends on the ingredients, but you can increase absorption by applying the oil right after a lotion or toner. A moisturizer can also be used later if needed.

Os tipos de pele

Existem apenas 4 tipos de pele: normal, seca, oleosa e mista. Tudo o resto não são preocupações que podem ocorrer em qualquer tipo de pele. Uma pele oleosa pode sofrer desidratação, uma pele seca pode ter borbulhas, todos os tipos de pele podem sofrer de sensibilidade, e sentir os sinais de envelhecimento prematuro.
Assim, é importante escolher os três passos essenciais do seu ritual de beleza com base no seu tipo de pele, e depois decidir se acrescenta passos extra para tratar as preocupações.

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