Dry Skin Care Guide

Our Face Care Guide for Dry Skin helps you find the perfect skin care routine to nourish and hydrate your skin for a smooth, radiant and healthy look.

What is dry skin?

Our skin is protected from external aggressions by a lipid barrier on its surface. Nonetheless, dry skin does not produce enough sebum , which prevents it from forming a homogeneous barrier. Thus, the skin loses its ability to retain water and the altered barrier makes it vulnerable to external aggressions and irritants, which penetrate the epidermis more easily.

THE lack of tallow combined with the loss of water causes the dry skin . Dry skin feels like it is being pulled and suffers from many dry patches, especially during winter. It can look dull and lack luminosity and the pores are practically imperceptible.


- Your skin feels like it's being pulled and stretched all the time and it has dry and flaky areas, especially during winter.

- You have signs of sensitivity (red spots, tingling, pulling) in the most fragile parts of the face, such as the cheeks.

- You have a dull complexion that lacks shine.

- Your skin is rough, without smoothness and your pores are almost invisible.

- It is more prone to the appearance of fine lines.

To care

- The purpose of dry skin is to hydrate and nourish intensely, preferably with vegetable oils and butters suitable for your skin type, to restore the lipid barrier and recover the feeling of comfort.

- Apply a cream that includes a sunscreen every day and in particular if you are sunbathing. Its lipid barrier also serves as a barrier to UV rays. In dry skin, this barrier is reduced or damaged, so your skin's protection from UV rays will be limited.

- Invest in super-nourishing night creams to replenish your skin's oils and increase hydration levels.

- Massage treatments into your skin to stimulate the sebaceous glands responsible for sebum production.

Os seus 3 cuidados essenciais

A pele seca requer cuidados nutritivos adequados para se manter saudável e jovem. Os seus cuidados essenciais de pele têm dois objetivos: manter a pele equilibrada e proteger a sua pele de danos futuros.

1⃣ Double Cleaning

In the morning just clean the skin once, using a Cream, Milk or Cleansing Gel (the same one you will use later, at night, for the second cleaning).

But at night do a double cleanse of the skin, even if you don't use make-up. Ideal for any skin type, Double Cleansing is the most effective and gentlest cleansing method. It is also a formidable ally against skin aging. In fact, a well-cleaned complexion will be more oxygenated and will benefit more fully from the skin care routine.

Creme, Leite ou Gel de Limpeza

🌄 Usar de manhã para lavar o rosto e preparar a pele para o hidratante.
🌌 Usar à noite, como segundo passo, e para uma pele perfeita e profundamente limpa, depois da primeira limpeza com um óleo ou bálsamo de limpeza. Nutritivas e suaves, as fórmulas dos cremes, leites e géis de lipeza de rosto limpam perfeitamente a sua pele sem qualquer agressão.

Óleo ou Bálsamo de Limpeza

🌌 Usar à noite, como primeiro passo de limpeza. Esta primeira limpeza vai começar a suavizar e nutrir a pele, bem como a fornecer os ácidos gordos necessários para a confortar, com a vantagem adicional de remover todos os vestígios de maquilhagem (mesmo rímel à prova de água!) sem irritação.

2⃣ Hydration

Choose a good nourishing moisturizer that will help repair dry skin. Rich in essential fatty acids and nutrients, moisturizers formulated for dry skin comfort and nourish the skin while leaving a healthy glow.

You have two options:

Option 1 - Choose a more generic moisturizer, suitable for your skin type, that can be used in the morning and at bedtime. (but in this case, you have to apply a sunscreen in the morning)

Option 2 - Use a day moisturizer with sun protection and one at night that helps in skin regeneration.

Opção 1: Um Hidratante para Dia e Noite

🌄🌌 Use de manhã e à noite, após a sua limpeza. Como este hidratante não tem proteção solar, tem que aplicar um protetor solar de manhã, depois do hidratante.

Opção 2: Um Hidratante para o Dia e outro para a Noite

Um Hidratante para Dia com Proteção Solar 🌄 Use de manhã, depois da limpeza. Assegure-se que cobre bem todo o rosto, pescoço e decote.
Se escolher esta opção, poderá saltar a última etapa deste guia, da Proteção Solar, pois já está a incluir esse passo aqui!

Hidratante de Noite 🌌 Massajar sobre o rosto e pescoço como o último passo do seu ritual nocturno.

3⃣ Sun Protection

If you haven't chosen to have two moisturizers, one day and one night, and you prefer to have just one moisturizer, then you need to supplement your skin care regimen with sun protection to protect your skin from further damage. This is the last step of your morning routine.

Os seus cuidados específicos

Depois de criar a sua rotina básica, com os 3 passos essenciais, avalie a sua pele e veja se há ainda algo que gostasse de corrigir ou alguma preocupação que gostaria de tratar.

dryness and scaling

This is an obvious problem with dry skin, as it is a skin type that produces little oil and is prone to flaking. If the three basic steps of your routine are not enough to restore your lipid barrier, try the following:

2) Add a face oil, to try to replenish your skin's lipid barrier and retain moisture. For example, The Beautiful Oil from Kjaer Weis, Divine Organic Face Oil from Antipodes or Phyto Replenish Oil from Dermalogica.

1) Make a face mask once or twice a week, like the Melting Moisture Hydrating Mask by DERMALOGICA or the EVOLVE Bio Retinol Gold Mask Anti-Aging Mask.

dehydrated skin

Dry skin and dehydrated skin are two different things. Dry skin lacks oil. While dehydrated skin lacks water. Any type of skin can be dehydrated, but dry skin is not necessarily dehydrated!

Dehydration of the skin can happen due to external factors, such as living in a very dry environment, or being exposed to air conditioning or heating. It can also be a consequence of lifestyle habits, such as drinking little water, smoking or consuming alcohol. The ideal is to correct these external factors. In terms of skin care, try:

1) Add a toner to your routine, like the City Life Anti-Pollution Spray Toner from OSKIA, the Cleansing, Exfoliating & Moisturizing Toner - Beauty Water by SON & PARK or the Age Smart Antioxidant Hydramist Toner by Dermalogica.

2) Add a face serum such as DERMALOGICA Skin Hydration Booster, OSKIA Hydra-Serum Isotonic Hydrating Serum or EVOLVE Hyaluronic Acid Natural Moisturizing Serum.

Pimples and Black Spots

Dry skin can also suffer from pimples, which is a problem if you are looking for a product that can address both concerns (nourishing the skin and treating pimples). Try these techniques:

1) Use a spot treatment for pimples, such as Dermalogica's Active Clearing Anti Imperfection Treatment AGE Bright Spot Fader.

2) Incorporate lactic acid into your routine, with the Oskia Lactic Acid Micro-Peeling Liquid Mask and the Dermalogica Intensive Moisture Balance Moisturizer. It is a perfect ingredient for dry skin, which also helps to gently exfoliate pores.

3) Try a face oil, with anti-imperfection properties like Active Clearing Dermalogica Anti Imperfections Retinol Oil.

Firmness, fine lines and wrinkles

All skin types age. This is one of the reasons why you should use your sunscreen every day, as it will always be your best prevention weapon. Dry skin is more prone to signs of aging, due to its low oil production and consequent poor water retention in the skin, which gives an appearance of wrinkled and not firm skin. from the age of 25, you can start using anti-aging products as a way of preventing the appearance of the main signs. Whether you want to prevent, or try to correct signs of aging already installed, we suggest these options:

1) Add an anti-aging serum to your routine. In order of "strength", there is for example the Oskia Anti-Aging Super 16 Serum, the EVOLVE Superfood 360 Anti-Aging Serum, the Age Smart Sérum DERMALOGICA's Phyto-Nature Firming, or the Retinoid Night Serum Level2 - 0.5% from OSKIA.

2) Add a Face Oil to treat acne wrinkles and firmness, such as Facial Oil - Restoration Oil by OSKIA or Beauty Oil - The Beautiful Oil by Kjaer Weis.

Black spots and pigmentation

We speak of pigmentation spots when skin pigmentation is uneven. These darker spots are caused by the excess production of melanin by cells called melanocytes and can happen on any skin type, at any age, due to factors such as sun exposure, pregnancy, hyperpigmented post-inflammatory (acne or wound healing) or skin aging. To treat blemished skin, try:

1) AHAs such as Evolve Glycolic Acid Exfoliating Bright Toner or Liquid Mask Oskia Lactic Acid Micro-Peeling.

2) Retinol or Bakuchiol. You can do it in a gentle way, such as changing your cleansing gel for the Renaissance Cleansing Face Gel from Oskia and adding the Facial Oil - Restoration Oil also from Oskia to your Routine.

3) Add Vitamin C to your routine with a serum, such as the Renaissance Brightlight Anti-Blemish Serum by Oskia, the Age Smart Serum Biolumin- C by Dermalogica, or Bio-Retinol + Vitamin C Booster by Evolve.

4) Try a serum with Niacinamine such as Oskia City Life Booster Anti-Pollution Concentrated Serum, or PowerBright Dermalogica Spot Treatment Serum.

5) You can also change your Sunscreen/Day Moisturizer for something more effective in the fight against stains such as PowerBright Sunscreen Anti-Stains Pure Light SPF50.

dark circles and puffiness

Everyone has dark circles! There is, of course, a genetic factor, but sooner or later we all suffer from this malady. If it is something you want to try to alleviate, although there is no definitive solution and the best solution is sleep, try using a good eye cream, such as the Dermalogica Stress Positive Eye Lift Eye Cream, the t3>Oskia's City Life I-Zone Lip & Eye Balm or Dermalogica's Age Smart BioLumin-C Eye Serum.

Sensitivity and redness

Sensitive skin can be categorized in many ways and have many different reasons. As a rule, the ideal is always a diagnosis and treatment by a doctor. Anyway, when you know from the start that you have sensitivities, you should take this into account when choosing your products.

In all our skin care collections, you can select the "Sensitivity and Redness" concern that will give you already pre-filtered results for this question.

In any case, we recommend that you also check out the UltraCalming range from Dermalogica, which is formulated with the most sensitive skin in mind. The Gallinée brand is also very good for those with sensitive skin, as it respects your skin's microbiome and its products are dermatologically tested.