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How to get a year-round tan with Organic Self-Tanners

Como conseguir um bronze todo o ano com Autobronzeadores Orgânicos
The days are getting shorter, school has started, the cities are back to being crowded in the morning and the nights are starting to get colder. Gradually, summer seems increasingly distant and cooler weather begins to arrive. It's time to pack your bathing suits and bikinis, and put your umbrellas back in the storage room. But there's no need to say goodbye to the tan yet!

If you're looking for ways to keep a luminous, healthy tan for as long as possible, try products from the brand EcoTan by Sonya. An Australian brand, founded by Sonya Driver, whose sister was diagnosed with melanoma. Sonya has dedicated itself to finding ways to have a healthy tan, without risking your health and without exposing yourself to harmful UV rays, and has developed a variety of organic and natural self-tanning products with healthy and effective ingredients for the skin. All products are safe for the skin, the environment and are never tested on animals to provide a natural, healthy, luminous and radiant tan all year round!

Face Tan Water


A multi-award winning gradual self-tanner designed for the face, neck and chest. With a texture similar to water, this self-tanner is easily applied with a cotton pad, as if it were a toner.
The bronze develops gradually over 2-3 days, giving the skin a natural, healthy tone.
The formula of this product is moisturizing and contains 92% organic ingredients.

Cacao Firming Mousse


For a deeper bronze, but still looking super natural, this firming and hydrating mousse is essential for your autumn care.
For best results, exfoliate the skin well 48 hours before applying the mousse through the skin. first time. By exfoliating you are removing dead skin cells and so the mousse will do a perfect job giving your body a healthy summer tan all year round.

Invisible Tan


A 2-in-1 lotion: moisturizer and tanning lotion for face and body, with natural and healthy ingredients.Multi-award winning, EcoTan's Invisible Tan lotion delivers a beautiful, luminous golden bronze. Contains no artificial and synthetic ingredients, only certified organic and natural ingredients sourced from Mother Nature. With a softer tone than mousse, and application similar to a normal moisturizer, this is the "easy" choice for those who venture into the world of self-tanning for the first time.

Make the most of what's left of the sun's rays, always with sun protection and start practicing your autumn tan with these tips!

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