Founder's Edit - September's Picks

Founder's Edit - As escolhas de Setembro

We start the month of new beginnings with a new heading: come and discover the favorites of Joana, our founder and handyman at our store.

The sunflowers are in bloom, the sea water here in our Algarve is still warm and the shadows are getting longer. Settling in in September makes me feel good - it's another seasonal start to building comforting routines and taking good care of ourselves and others.

This month, I'm enjoying my summer glow, nourishing my skin and hair (yuu, frizzy hair!) and trying to wake up body and soul to a new stage in my personal and professional life.

To use

I'm rediscovering and loving OSKIA's Renaissance Cleansing Gel . It's a longtime favorite that I've been using for years - long before I even started the store - and I love it!

To Do

Facial manual lymphatic massage. It relaxes me, while promoting circulation and better absorption of products. I always use a facial oil to help with the massage and I follow this video , which I've known for years and which has always worked well for me.

to eat

I was recommended to start eating fermented foods to give me more energy and help my body recover from two pregnancies in two years. So I'm trying to make Kombucha and Miso soup at home. For Kombucha, I follow these instructions (the seaweed was given to me by a very dear friend) and for Miso soup, I buy the ingredients at the Celeiro and make it at home (comment below if you'd like to see the recipe!).


I'm keeping the summer vibes going with Lockhart's Femme Fantome 🌅


to dream

With a Eurodisney holiday! 🐭

We'd love to know what you're loving this month! Comment below or tag us on Instagram with @thegreenbeautyconcept

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