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Ecological and Natural Gift Ideas for Father's Day

Sugestões de Prendas Ecológicas e Naturais para o Dia do Pai
Father's day is just around the corner and it's time to think about what you want to give your father to tell him how much he is loved and valued. Choosing an ecological gift is not only good for the father, but also the best option for our planet.

Shaving Gift Set by MÜHLE Rasurkultur

Pamper your dad with a set of vegan shaving products he will love. The Shaving Gift Set includes a shaving cream and after shave balm and is certified organic by the BDIH and suitable for all skin types.

Mühle Reusable Traditional Shaver

An elegant classic that allows for a precise shave. The Mühle reusable shavers are a great alternative to disposable plastic shavers and come with the offer of a blade pack.

Peppermint Beard Remedy by Alchemy Oils

For the parent who likes to grow a beard or mustache, we suggest  Peppermint Beard Remedy by Alchemy Oils. A potent blend of 5 oils. Avocado, coconut and argan oils work together to condition and moisturize your beard while rosehip oil improves skin condition. With a touch of peppermint oil to encourage healthy beard growth.

Isla Apothecary Nourishing Beard Oil

Lastly, we suggest the Nourishing Beard Oil from Isla. A vegan, natural beard oil that nourishes, softens and conditions your beard. Formulated to soothe skin irritations and moisturize dry skin. It has a delicate herbal aroma, from which mint stands out.

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