A little bit about me...

A little bit about me...

The month of February flew by... working with Joana to learn the business and also celebrate Carnival time in Lisbon with the family! And here we are today reopening the store and I'm delighted to start the journey with Green Beauty Concept.

I thought as a first step I would leave you with a little about me:

Cooking, reading, walking in nature... and journaling.

Last Book:
Ikigai - The Japanese secret to a long and happy life, I loved it!
It gave me valuable insights into maintaining life balance, health habits, building positive habits, and cultivating gratitude in life.

'Life begins at the edge of your comfort zone':

Surprised by:
Kenruoken Garden in Kanazawa Japan, the most beautiful landscaped garden, once you feel a total sense of peace and tranquility.

A coffee, some me time... and practicing gratitude.

Skin Care Routine:
To start my routine I use a cleansing oil, followed by the application of a serum, usually Hyaluronic because it hydrates. Afterwards, I use moisturizer and SPF to complete my morning routine.
At night, I always cleanse my skin before applying Bio-Retinol & Vitamin C oil. Also, once a week, I use a face mask!

A good weekend to everyone,


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