The Best Vegan Skincare Brands to Try in 2022

As melhores marcas de Cuidados de Pele vegan para experimentar em 2022

In the world of cosmetics there are many terminologies: natural, organic, biological,cruelty-free and vegan among many others.

While skin care made with natural ingredients is often assumed to be plant-derived, the truth is that it can also contain animal-derived ingredients, which are also natural, but may not be desirable for those looking to incorporate only vegan products into their routine. .


Where to start the vegan skin care journey?

Start by analyzing what you already have! If you have products that you like, it may be that these are already vegan, and that you do not need to replace them. Check the ingredients list and look at the label to see if it has any kind of symbol or certification. Pay attention to the practices ofgreenwashing. That is, not all "Vegan" symbols are certifications. Confirm that the symbol in question is from a trusted certification body.

See more information about vegan ingredients and certifications here.

Do you have a product that is not vegan and would you like to replace it?? So start there.


Buy Vegan Skincare: The Best Vegan Beauty Brands That Really Work

There are a lot of amazing vegan brands and products on the market, and there's a whole world to discover! If you want to make the switch to vegan products, these are some of our favorite natural beauty brands with Vegan products.

Brands with * are not 100% Vegan, but offer a selection of Vegan products.



Evolve Organic Beauty

Values: Vegan, Sustainability, Science and Nature

Handcrafted beauty care, made in small quantities, with innovative and natural formulas, backed by science. Certified by COSMOS as natural and organic products. All brand products are vegan.

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Values: Minimalism, Efficacy, Clinically proven ingredients of natural origin

It is one of the newest brands in our store and our first 100% Portuguese skincare brand. Created in 2020, Kivens presents a minimalist selection of effective, vegan, and clinically proven products suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive. All products are vegan.

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star product: Daily Microfoliant Exfoliant


Values: Vegan* and Cruelty free certificates, Exceptional ingredients, Sustainability

A brand that cares about the health of your skin, without futile rituals, without miracle cures, without false promises and that combines natural ingredients and cutting edge synthetic actives to answer all skin concerns.

*Dermologica products are Vegan certified, with the exception of three products (Sheer Tint SPF20, Skin Perfect Primer SPF30, and MultiVitamin Power Serum).

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Juice to Cleanse

Values: Vegan and Natural Beauty, with fruit-derived ingredients

Juice to Cleanse is a South Korean vegan and natural beauty brand that specializes in double cleansing, the fundamental steps of the Korean skin care routine.

All products are suitable for vegans.

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Values: Transparency, Sustainability, Sensitive Skin, Microbiome Protection

Gallinée works with your microbiome to take care of your skin thanks to a patented complex of prebiotics, probiotics and post-biotics to nourish and support the good bacteria that make up your own personal ecosystem, so that even the most stressed skins and scalps and sensitive people can live in harmony.

All products are suitable for vegans.

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