How can you create and maintain an effective skin care routine?

Como conseguir criar e manter uma rotina eficaz de cuidados com a pele?

Feel like you spend loads of money on skin care products and don't see the results The enthusiasm for using your products fades and they end up sitting on the shelf indefinitely, eventually changing color or texture (Tip: if this happens, lay them down them out. ) 😉)

Many people complain about their skin, and they really want to use the perfect miracle products that will solve every problem that comes with it, but they often have a hard time figuring out what the problem is in the first place. They follow Skincare Influencers and Gurus, and they buy the products they recommend, but then they don't see results. When in fact the problem can have several origins:

  1. Expectations
  2. Knowledge and/or ability to self-observation
  3. right products
  4. Consistency
  5. Healthy lifestyle

Let's talk about these points and uncover the secret to make you feel genuinely happy with your skin!



Unfortunately, in the age of social media, filters and PhotoShop, many people have unrealistic expectations and are very impatient when it comes to real results from what their skincare products, and eveneven make-up can do for your skin.

It is absolutely possible to get amazing results from a consistent skin care regimen using safe and effective products. It is possible to fade away age spots, reduce the appearance of enlarged pores, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, get rid of redness and pimples. You can have luminous, beautiful and healthy skin, but what you can't do is look photographic in person.

Therefore, the expectation not only regarding the appearance that the skin should have, but also the time and work that must be dedicated to achieve the result for a beautiful and healthy skin, which hardly needs make-up (and yes it is possible), is the first thing you have to adjust!


Knowledge and/or ability to self-observation

When starting out, the first step is always a realistic diagnosis of your skin. You should try to find out what your skin type is, and what problems you currently have that you need to deal with. .

However, it has to be aware that the skin changes with the seasons, with the weather, with food and the amount of water, with external factors such as pollution and changes in your environment. Therefore, it is important to learn to watch your skin and be aware of the signs of change so that you can make the necessary adjustments to keep it balanced and healthy. Some are more predictable, like the arrival of cold and heat. Others may be more difficult to predict, such as times of stress or sudden lifestyle changes.

Want to find out what your skin type is once and for all?? see thearticle on our blog to find out which are the best tests you can do at home, or fill out our online questionnaire for an immediate answer!


right products

Which products are right for your skin AND which are the essential steps and which may not be necessary This point links to the point above: the better you know your skin, the easier it will be to know which products to introduce into your routine.a.

Explore ourSkin Care Guides and get to know not only our philosophy about the 4 steps of skin care (hint: 3 products in the morning and 3 at night are enough to start having a good foundation! ), but also to see our product suggestions for every skin type and concern !



For many, this is the crux of the matter! How many times have you bought, or been tempted to buy, the latest skin care treatment, the new moisturizer with the newly discovered magic ingredients, the miracle serum that does everything, or the beauty tool with promising results, only to use it a couple of times before declaring it doesn't work?

Skin care marketing often promises the magic potions or miracle ingredients that achieve immediate results, but in fact the real results don't happen overnight. It takes at least 30-45 days of consistent use to see noticeable results on your skin. . It's not a defect, it's just the way the skin works and the time it takes for your skin cells to renew that allows you to see results!

Moral of the story: stay true to your skincare routine and create daily habits to maintain it. It's the only way to get real and visible results!

Want tips on how to be consistent with your skin care routine Read our blog articlehere!


Healthy lifestyle

Your lifestyle choices have a direct impact on how your skin looks. Having a proper and consistent skin care routine is, of course, important to maintain balanced and healthy skin, but everything you do in your day-to-day, your habits and the environment around you have an impact (very more) right on your skin. Follow these valuable tips to heal and improve the appearance of your skin:

1. Quit smoking

There's no question: smoking leads to premature aging and wrinkles, and can give the skin a dull yellow pallor.

2. Get your beauty sleep

Your skin needs sleep for cell renewal. Sleeping less than 8 hours results in a breakdown of collagen and a dull skin appearance. This will highlight any skin imperfections, making your skin look older than it should.

Tip: Boost your beauty sleep with a goodmoisturizer or overnight treatment!🌜

3. Protect yourself from the sun

While we all need a little sunlight to boost our vitamin D levels, the sun's rays can do lasting damage to your skin. Ultraviolet (UV) radiation causes wrinkles, loss of elasticity, sun spots and premature aging. In some people, these changes begin to appear in their early 20s.

Tip: whether you have sun exposure or not, rain or shine, summer or winter,always use sunscreen!

4. Get more exercise

Grab your gym equipment and get moving if you want to improve the health of your skin. Perspiration helps flush out impurities and cleanse pores. Cardiovascular exercise also improves circulation, which encourages the transport of oxygen and nutrients to the skin.

Tip: have a toiletry bag in your gym bag with your essentialscleaning,hydration andsolar protection, to wash away the toxins expelled after exercise and protect your skin, before leaving the gym! 😉

5. Drink at least 2 liters of water a day

Admittedly, there are fantastic skin care ingredients that help fight skin dehydration (Hello!Hyaluronic acid! ), but why not start treating dehydration from the inside out, drinking an adequate amount of water? Especially if you spend a lot of time in environments that are prone to skin dehydration, such as offices with air conditioning and climate control, believe me: your skin will thank you!r!


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