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6 steps to prep skin for perfect makeup application

6 passos para preparar a pele para uma aplicação de maquilhagem perfeita

Perfect and lasting makeup starts with proper skin preparation. For make-up to look fresh and radiant throughout the day, it is essential to apply it to clean, hydrated skin.

If your skin is dry, rough, flaky or excessively oily, your makeup won't suit you well. Achieve a perfect and lasting application of your makeup with our tips below:


For your makeup to look its best, it has to be applied to perfectly clean skin. Although we may think that in the morning our skin is clean, as we are not outside, exposed to pollution, the truth is that during the night our skin secretes oils that will clog the pores and can aggravate skin problems that are too dry/too much oily, pimples or irritated skin. If you don't have much time, apply micellar water with a cotton pad, such as Deep Clean Micellar Water from Evolve. If you have some time to dedicate to your skin in the morning, use a fresh, gentle product like Gallinée Face Cleansing Foam With Probiotics⁠.


Our skin renews itself every 2-3 weeks, getting rid of dead cells and revealing new cells that are constantly being created. These dead skin cells can easily clog pores and cause pimples or the appearance of flaky skin. Using a gentle exfoliator once or twice a week will ensure that our skin remains soft and smooth, and prevents rough or flaky skin. Use a gentle exfoliator, such as DERMALOGICA's Daily Microfoliant Exfoliant, to help the skin shed these dead cells, revealing smooth, supple skin ready for perfect makeup application.


After being cleansed and exfoliated, the skin is ready to receive and better absorb the products that are applied, so that they can work their magic. Use a hydrating serum or toner to hydrate your skin, fill in fine lines and small wrinkles, and maintain the perfect moisture balance. The Evolve Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Serum is quickly absorbed, leaving the skin looking young, radiant and nourished. Each bottle contains 200mg of hyaluronic acid that penetrates deep into the skin for an effective boost of hydration, as well as boosting collagen production to firm the skin.


One of the most important steps in your routine is skin hydration. Makeup does not look good on skin that is not properly hydrated. In the case of dry skin, make-up will accumulate in the driest areas, giving a very evident peeling appearance. In the case of oily skin, if you don't hydrate your skin properly, your cells will produce excess sebum to compensate, making the makeup look shiny and slide off your face quickly. Use a good day moisturizer such as the ANTIPODES Illuminating Day Cream - Manuka Honey Skin-Brightening Light, suitable for all skin types, to ensure proper hydration of the skin.


One of the secrets of great Makeup Artists is to always use a primer, before applying make-up, to ensure a perfect application, and that it lasts longer. Try ILIA's Primer True Skin Radiant Priming Serum, which is like a serum, without silicone and helps to naturally plump and firm skin and smooth it in preparation for makeup application. Made with a blend of natural and soothing ingredients, it's the perfect product to start your day off right.


After following all the steps above, and after applying your make-up, finish off with a hydrating spray to set the make-up and give your skin a fresh, healthy glow The Blue Light Mist da ILIA is perfect to apply after make-up, and to use throughout the day, whenever you feel your make-up is getting dry, and as a bonus it still protects it from the oxidizing effects of blue light pollution of screens.


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