How to make the switch to a natural deodorant

Como fazer a mudança para um desodorizante natural
Have you already changed several products in your routine to natural products, but are you hesitant about deodorants? Or have you tried to switch to a natural deodorant and failed? Not alone! Many people adhere to an "all natural" lifestyle and still find it difficult to give up their conventional antiperspirants. There are still those who have already tried, but have given up, due to the appearance of an unpleasant odor in a few days. 

In this post we will explain why you should finally make the leap to the non-toxic deodorants. In addition, the step-by-step process for detoxifying your armpits so that your new product is more effective.


Most of us depend on our deodorant as well as the air we breathe, relying on the effectiveness of this product to help us take intense yoga classes, live stressful days at work or survive hot summer days without body odor.
But problems with conventional antiperspirant deodorants can range from skin irritation, potential health risks, and even worsening sweating. Natural deodorant can help with all these problems.

First: It's supposed to sweat

We can turn up our nose when talking about sweat or perspiration. Of course, nobody likes the feeling of perspiring, let alone smelling less pleasant. But the truth is that perspiration is our body's way of regulating temperature and releasing toxins.
Chemical-laden antiperspirants and deodorants clog pores and prevent the body properly releases the sweat needed to cool down and release toxins (that's why they're called antiperspirants) and are completely unnecessary to prevent body odor.
The good news is that sweat doesn't smell bad. Sweat is just a mixture of salt and water. What creates this dreaded body odor is when sweat comes in contact with the natural bacteria that live on our skin. Changing this reaction is easy with a natural deodorant.
Sweat doesn't smell bad. Sweat is just a mixture of salt and water.

Second: Conventional deodorants and antiperspirants can cause health problems

What antiperspirants do is close the pores, in a way that prevents perspiration from occurring. Which means that sweat accumulates under our skin, which can cause skin irritation or a "sandy" texture.
In addition, the main active ingredient of conventional deodorant brands is Aluminium. In addition to interrupting a perfectly natural process, aluminum is also associated with an increased risk of breast cancer and Alzheimer's disease.
Os toxic chemicals found in your antiperspirant are also endocrine disruptors. These substances affect how the body regulates hormones that play a role in all bodily processes, from sleep to reproduction. 

Third: Conventional antiperspirants can make sweating worse

By accumulating sweat under the skin you are also accumulating bacteria, making your sweat even worse. In addition, aluminum compounds can cause an acidic reaction in clothing fabrics, which is what causes to stain clothing underarm area.


Every body has its own body chemistry, so what works for one person may not work for another. If you've tried a natural deodorant and it didn't work, it could be because the brand or combination of ingredients didn't work specifically for you But that doesn't mean there isn't no natural deodorant for you. 

First tip: Stop using your old antiperspirant / deodorant

The first step, of course, is to stop using conventional deodorant. The first week will be the hardest. When you stop using a natural deodorant, your body will start to release excess toxins that were accumulating under your skin. The ideal is to start at the beginning of a weekend, or at a quieter time in your life. The best deodorants to make this switch are ones that don't contain sodium bicarbonate, like Soapwalla's sensitive skin deodorants, as the baking soda can react with the bacteria that will be released in excess in the first few days.
The first week will be the hardest. When you stop using a natural deodorant, your body will start to release excess toxins that were accumulating under your skin.

Second tip: Wash and exfoliate

Wash your underarms thoroughly daily, morning and night and exfoliate with a natural exfoliator at least once a week to help detox and prevent odor .

Third tip: Wear clothes with more natural fabrics

Try to favor clothing with fabrics with natural fibers (such as cotton and silk) during the transition period. Fabrics such as polyester retain moisture and can promote mold growth on clothing, which results in a bad smell. 

Fourth tip: Diet and sweating

Pay attention to your diet. Your diet and lifestyle choices have a big impact on our body odors. Eliminate processed and refined foods, eating lots of vegetables and getting regular exercise can help support the detox process and promote underarm health. Also increase your water intake, to help the body in the detoxification process.

Fifth tip: Take your deodorant with you

At least for the first few weeks, take your deodorant with you when you leave the house. Your body will be detoxifying and releasing more water in the first few times e Having your deodorant with you so you can wash your armpits and replenish the deodorant can be a way to feel more comfortable throughout the day.

Sixth tip: Don't give up and try it

Each natural deodorant has different ingredients. Experiment until you find what works best for you! Give a new deodorant at least two weeks before giving up, as your body may take some time to adjust. But when you find the ideal deodorant for you, you'll find that you'll never want to use a chemical product on your armpits again!


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