Prepare your skin for summer with natural and cruelty-free products

Preparar a pele para o verão com produtos naturais e cruelty free
Summer is almost here! The weather is already starting to warm up and the sunny days are already felt. With them comes the desire to go to the beach. It's time to start swapping out your wardrobe for fresher options and getting your bikinis out of the box! But what about our skin? The winter months don't just take away your color! Avoid dry skin, with scales and the appearance of cellulite and prepare your skin for summer with our tips, based on natural products and without cruelty to animals.


Help your skin to shed the layer of dead cells built up on the surface, revealing new, prettier and healthier skin underneath. Exfoliation also stimulates blood circulation and helps to disguise the appearance of cellulite. It also frees ingrown hairs and gives the skin a new shine and luminosity, preparing it for skirts, shorts and, of course, the bikini!

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After exfoliating, it's time to get rid of unwanted hair. If you do it at home, we recommend that you use a bath oil that not only helps the razor glide better, but also moisturizes the skin. 

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Leave your skin smooth and soft with a body moisturizer. From body butters to lotions or oils, there are countless options for every taste.

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Give your skin a natural, healthy touch of color with an organic self-tanning lotion. In addition to giving the skin a tanned look, the color also helps to disguise the appearance of cellulite!

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Last but not least, protect your skin whenever you are in the sun! See our post on sun protection to learn more about the effects of the sun on your skin.

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