How to switch to Natural and Organic Cosmetics

Como mudar para Cosmética Natural e Orgânica


The task of replacing products to adopt a more natural and less toxic routine can be exhausting. Our first piece of advice is: replace one product at a time. If you don't know where to start, here are some suggestions, starting with the products that are typically more toxic and have the greatest impact on our health.


One of the functions of the armpits is to facilitate the detoxification of our body. This is the function of the lymph nodes and sweat glands. Since this area of ​​the body is more delicate and, in the case of women, it is subject to constant exfoliation caused by depilation, the armpits are more susceptible to the absorption of toxic products.

Anti-perspirants and Deodorants contain aluminum, endocrine disruptors, potential carcinogens and a host of other toxins, many of them hidden in the ingredient "fragrance".

Switching from a traditional deodorant to a natural one is not easy. The habituation of the pores to the effects of aluminum and other toxins forces the body to undergo a detoxification period of almost 4 weeks, during which most people are intimidated by the apparent increase in perspiration, give up and return to traditional deodorants. But once this detoxification period is passed, the body adapts to the new product. In the long term, this change has many health benefits.

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The mouth has a great capacity for direct absorption of all kinds of substances. One of the obvious reasons to stop using unnatural toothpastes is the fact that they are full of chemicals and toxic products that potentially enter the bloodstream. Added to this problematic question is another: all "traditional" toothpastes sold in large supermarkets are tested on animals. For these reasons, we suggest less toxic and more animal-friendly alternatives.

Suggestions: Stop the Water While Using Me Wild Mint Toothpaste e  Bamboo Toothbrush


Who hasn't had the highly painful experience of accidentally getting their mascara brush in their eye while they're trying to put on make-up in a hurry in the morning? No matter how experienced we are and no matter how steady our hands are, it happens all too often. And when the mascara "melts" (whether due to poor quality, contact with rainwater or tears) and starts to run down the face and into the eyes?

Both situations are recurrent, painful and dangerous for the health, since most traditional mascara formulas are produced from petroleum derivatives.

Fortunately, there are already plenty of organic, natural and toxin-free alternatives. Here's our favorite of the moment.

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There are several articles and studies with elaborate estimates of the amounts of lipstick that a woman ingests throughout her life. Some say it's 1.5 kg, and some even count up to 3.5 kg. These estimates account for variations from woman to woman and factors such as: do you use lipstick every day, do you have the habit of biting the skin of your lips, do you buy flavored lipsticks, etc. But whatever the amount, we are talking about the consumption of ingredients that are not even allowed in foods: dyes, petroleum, plasticizers, preservatives and potentially carcinogenic "fragrances".Once again, with the existence of more and better natural products, is the ingestion of toxins justified?



Within the realm of beauty and hygiene products, hair products are the most loaded with toxic ingredients. They are also the most subject to animal testing.

Natural shampoos are less aggressive for the skin and hair, since it does not contain industrial sulfates and detergents. Natural conditioners are made from natural oils and butters, as opposed to silicones and plasticizers (none of which can really condition the hair) that appear to soften and moisturize the hair. In fact, conventional conditioners only provide the feeling of healthy hair, while the shine you get when using a natural conditioner is hair that truly oozes health from the inside out.

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Serums were created as a ingredient concentrate, with a liquid, high-absorption formula that provides the skin with the ingredients it needs to fulfill a certain goal – whether to reduce blemishes, hydrate or balance oil levels. But, again, even the most expensive serums on the market are full of cheap ingredients that serve to make us feel, delusionally, that they are having a positive effect. Among the most common is silicone, whose function is to fill in irregularities and pores so that the skin appears to have a silky and soft texture. However, silicone is totally ineffective as a treatment and does not bring any benefit, either in the short or long term.


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