Baba+Boo is a British brand of eco-friendly products, specializing in reusable cloth diapers, run by the lovely Eve, who has a passion for our planet.

Looking for Baba+Boo Diapers? They are available in our baby store!

The brand also has other products for you and your baby, which help you save on the waste you produce and relieve your conscience.

In Eve's words, about her brand and production methods:

"We design all our products with your little ones in mind. We wouldn't have anything in our store that we wouldn't be happy to put on our kids. We use our experience working with manufacturers to ensure our products are made in conditions. No children make our products and they are made by happy people who don't work ridiculously long hours. All of our factories must adhere to our strict code of ethical conduct. We make sure our products are also tested to ensure that do not contain harmful chemicals."

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