Recurring Skin Care Tips

Dicas de Cuidados de Pele recorrentes

Have you ever wondered how often you should wash your face? And exfoliate? What about hydration?

Today we share our tips for the recurring care you should have with your skin, whether daily or annually!


Daily Care

Drink water

Drink every day, at least 1 liter and a half of water. Our body needs it, the same way we need oxygen to breathe, and without water, the skin looks dull and lifeless.


Do Skin Care Routine - morning and night

Every morning and every night, you should be careful to do your skin care routine. This includes washing, toning, treating with serums, moisturizing and protecting with sunscreen. For more step-by-step skin care routine tips, see our detailed article!


Sleep 7 to 8 hours a night

Beauty sleep is so called for a reason: it is indeed restorative. It is during deep sleep that our body renews its cells and prepares for a new day. create a nighttime ritual to get to sleep and relax, ensuring that you wake up with glowing skin.


Moisturize the Body

It is also essential not to forget the body! Every day, after showering, don't forget to apply a body moisturizer, preferably natural. Pay special attention to the driest areas: heels, elbows, hands.



Weekly Care

Exfoliate the face

Facial exfoliation is essential to help the skin get rid of dead cells, revealing the layer of young cells underneath. But exfoliating too much can also be too abrasive and cause irritation. So, choose to exfoliate weekly, using a gentle natural exfoliator.


Make a mask

According to the needs of your face, also make a face mask, at least once a week. If your face is mixed, you can even choose to do multimasking: making hydrating masks in the driest areas and detoxifying masks in the more oily areas.


Relaxing immersion bath

If you have the time and a soaking tub, try to schedule a relaxing soak at least once a week. It's a great way to relax your mind and hydrate your body. Add some bath salts to help the body detoxify, a bath milk to boost hydration and a bath oil with aromatherapy properties, and we guarantee that you will have a relaxing moment worthy of a Spa. See all the natural and relaxing bath options here.


Exfoliate the body

It's not just the face that needs cell renewal. The body also needs a little help. In addition to revealing a new layer of skin cells, body scrubs also stimulate circulation and help reduce the appearance of cellulite! Try a Coffee scrub for added skin-stimulating benefits, or a matcha scrub for its detoxifying properties. See all our body scrubs here.


Change sheets and towels

Our sheets and towels accumulate dead cells and body fluids with each use. Experts say we should change them at least once a week!


Manicure and Pedicure

Take time to take care of your hands and feet. It can be with a professional, or at home. Prepare a warm foot bath, with a flavouring oil, and take care of the hydration of hands and feet. Treat the cuticles and add some color.



Monthly Care

Facial Treatment

In a perfect world, we would all get professional facials every month! :) But in the world we live in, that may not be possible. So, develop your own facial treatment at home, according to your skin type. bet on exfoliating and treating. Learn face massage techniques, like this one from Lisa Eldridge:

See all our tips to create a Spa at home, in our blog post, here!



Again, if you can't get a professional relaxing massage every month, don't worry! Invite your better half and take a moment for the two of you, having a relaxing massage and taking the opportunity to relax! Buy a massage oil, light some candles, put on some relaxing music and you'll see that it will be even better than in a spa. Because everything made with love tastes better :)



Annual Care

Visit the Dermatologist

It is also important to maintain the health of the skin and make sure that we take good care of it. A dermatologist can, among many other things, help identify sensitivities and allergies, recommend the best care to take and, of course, help monitor signs, to avoid unpleasant surprises.


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