Double Cleansing - the art of cleaning the skin twice

Double Cleansing - a arte de limpar a pele duas vezes
Double cleansing, or double cleansing, is for many the secret to healthy skin. Its origin is not well known, but it has become a commandment for all who care about taking care of their face.

It is a skin cleansing method that should be done at the end of the day, before creams that you usually apply at bedtime are placed, which consists of two cleaning steps, one after the other. They say it's just a way to make us spend money on more products, but let's see if we can convince her otherwise!

1st Step

The first cleaning is used to remove make-up, sunscreen and the layer of pollution and dirt that accumulates during the day. The products used at this stage are normally balms or oils, which must be removed with a damp face towel. We know that, chemically, oils mix with oils, so both balms and oils will dissolve similar substances, whether it's waterproof makeup or skin dirt.


2nd Step

The second phase aims to do a deeper cleaning of the skin, in order to prepare it to receive the creams that you use before going to sleep (tonic, treatment and hydration). This step usually uses aqueous formulations such as milk, cream or gel, which allow the product to penetrate deeper into the skin. They must be applied by massaging the face for a few minutes and removed with a damp face towel.

If you still have doubts if double cleansing is for you, we ask you the following: do you use sunscreen in your morning routine? If the answer is yes, you can't do without this method! Regardless of whether you have made up or not, sunscreen works as a filter for the skin, which must be removed at the end of the day. A simple cleanser doesn't allow you to clean your face properly and, consequently, doesn't let the products you use after cleaning work in the best way (think about your anti-wrinkle!). 

If you have passed the day at home, without using sunscreen and without make-up, it will not be necessary to do a double cleaning that night.

As much as laziness tries to prevent it, remember that the double cleansing it doesn't cost that much... and your skin will thank you!

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