A Guide to Toners and Facial Sprays in Skin Care

Um guia sobre Tónicos e Sprays Faciais nos Cuidados de Pele
When talking about facial tonics, there are still those who remember the old routines of "cleansing, toning and moisturizing", in which the tonic consisted of an astringent lotion filled with alcohol, whose function was to "remove the remains of make-up, close the pores, and remove the oil from the skin". Nowadays, it is already known that applying alcohol to the face is not ideal, that make-up should be removed with products that nourish the skin and not with those that desperately dry it (see post about "Double Cleansing "), and that removing the oil from the skin only makes it dry even more (for those with oily skin, we will make a post soon on this subject).

So what are tonics for?

Nowadays, wonderful tonics are made, whose ingredients bring real benefits to the skin and also help to maximize the effects of all the products we apply after the toning step. Some of the benefits of tonics are:

Balance the skin

Our skin has an ideal pH for its perfect functioning, which is disturbed by skin cleaning and other external reasons such as make-up and pollution. The tonic helps restore that pH balance, rebalancing the skin and bringing it back to normal values.


While traditional mechanical exfoliation methods can be effective in removing dry and flaky skin, a lotion tonic, based on exfoliating acids (not natural, nor organic) more effectively removes dead skin cells, breaking down its links to living cells and helping to reveal the new skin underneath.


Most people suffer from dehydrated skin. Even people with oily and combined skin can suffer from this condition. Although the most effective way to treat it is through diet, water consumption and lifestyle, a good moisturizing toner helps to deeply hydrate the skin, relieving the condition of dehydrated skin.

How do you use a tonic?

You can use more than one toner in a skin routine, depending on the goals you want to achieve. We recommend that you always use a moisturizing toner, but you can also use an exfoliating toner at the same time. The exfoliating toner should be used before the moisturizer.
Toners should be applied after cleansing the skin, and before the serums and moisturizers. They can be applied with a cotton pad or, in the case of sprays, it is applied directly to the skin and left to dry.

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