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We know that it is not always easy to know which organic cosmetics or natural make-up to choose, or which routine to adopt according to your skin type and concerns. That's why we offer you a complete archive of articles that answer your questions and clarify your doubts.

Founder's Edit - As escolhas de Setembro

Founder's Edit - September's Picks

We start the month of new beginnings with a new heading: come and discover the favorites of Joana, our founder and handyman at our store. Come and discover September's favorites!
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As 4 Etapas de uma Rotina de Cuidados de Pele

The 4 Steps to a Skin Care Routine

We stand for skin minimalism - skin care minimalism . In other words, we think that you don't have to have all the products on the market, nor do all the steps that others do to achieve their goals. But we advocate that a Skin Care Routine has four steps. Find out what they are in this article!
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6 Dicas para conseguir ser consistente com a sua rotina de cuidados de pele

6 Tips for being consistent with your skincare routine

Like everything in life: consistency is vital to achieving your goals with your skin. If you're going to spend money on skin care products, you might as well use them as they were meant to be used, to get the results you want! If you're having trouble sticking to a skincare routine, here's our top 6 tips that should help.
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Rotinas de Skincare Vegan para todos os Tipos de Pele

Vegan Skincare Routines for All Skin Types

At The Green Beauty Concept we advocate that a Skin Care Routine has four steps: Cleansing, Moisturizing, and Protection, the three essential steps; and Treatment, the optional step.

In this post, we are going to see the best skin care routines with 100% vegan products, for the 4 skin types, normal, dry, combination and oily, considering only the three essential skin care steps: Cleansing, Moisturizing and Protection.

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Os melhores produtos para a sua pele neste inverno

The best products for your skin this winter

As the days get shorter and colder, and the nights get longer, take a break, slow down, and take a few minutes to pamper yourself and your skin. Make small changes to your skin care routine as well as your body care and keep your skin smooth and happy all winter long!
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Como escolher e aplicar um óleo de rosto?

How to choose and apply a face oil?

Oils are an excellent way to make arrive the ingredients to our skin, having a great affinity with the structure of our skin and being more easily absorbed by it. We show you how to use face oils correctly, in what order to use them and how to apply different skin care products for a perfect skin care routine.

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Os 3 passos indispensáveis para uma rotina de cuidados de pele minimalista

The 3 essential steps for a minimalist skincare routine

Who said a skin care routine has to be complicated? None of that! For starters, there are just three essential skin care steps you have to apply, according to your skin type. Find out what they are!
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Como adaptar a rotina de Cuidados de Pele para o Outono

How to adapt your skin care routine for autumn

The seasons, and especially the transition periods between seasons, tend to change the behavior of the skin. You may notice that you have more pimples on your skin, or that the skin becomes duller or even some dry and flaky areas.
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Como começar a criar uma rotina simples de cuidados de pele?

How to start creating a simple skin care routine?

Adopting a minimalist skin care routine can bring results, without sensitivity, stress or irritation. Discover the 3 steps we recommend for a simple and minimalist skincare routine, with just the essentials.
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Como escolher o seu bálsamo ou óleo de limpeza?

How to choose your cleansing balm or oil?

All skin types (yes, even combination and oily) should use a cleansing oil. Make-up, pollution and excess sebum are fatty substances that oil emulsifies and eliminates without harming the skin, thanks to the basic rules: fat attracts fat. Discover which products are ideal for you and your skin!
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Como escolher um sérum de rosto?

How to choose a face serum?

Skin care serums can provide a targeted answer to all kinds of skin care questions, regardless of your skin type. Discover the different types of serums, and which one is right for you.
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Qual a ordem correta para aplicar os produtos no rosto?

What is the correct order to apply the products on the face?

The order in which you apply your beauty products is important. Applying the products in the correct order helps the skin get the most benefits from each product. Know the order in which you should apply your beauty products, as well as which ones to use in the morning and which to use in the evening.
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6 Dicas para um dia de Spa em casa

6 Tips for a Spa Day at Home

Today, we all have complicated and busy lives. Between work, family, appointments with...
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5 Sugestões de beleza - Edição de Outono

5 Beauty Tips - Autumn Edition

Fall is here, and it's the best time to introduce simple and effective products into yo...
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Dicas para salvar a pele depois do verão

Tips to save your skin after the summer

As summer draws to a close, you need to add some extra care to your skin care routine t...
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Como criar uma Rotina Diária de Cuidados de Pele

How to Create a Daily Skin Care Routine

True beauty comes from small steps that are taken daily, in a few minutes, every day. A...
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